AutoBrush for Kids V3 Bundle

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Kids USB Rechargeable Sonic Electric Toothbrush !

Getting your kids to brush their teeth shouldn't be a hassle. AutoBrush® for Kids will take the chore out of brushing - and add the fun! With adorable, friendly-faced, light up battery capsules and lively music to get them dancing through their session, your kids won't have to put a pause on play time to maintain a picture-perfect smile! 

What's New In V3?

  • It's waterproof to prevent the battery connectors from rusting
  • It includes a battery indicator light so you know how much charge is remaining
  • Higher frequency of vibrations to get rid of even more plaque and bacteria!

What is AutoBrush® for Kids?

AutoBrush® for Kids is a fun, automatic electric toothbrush your child can use for an effective yet convenient way of brightening their smile. How? AutoBrush® is designed to brush all teeth at once, with bristles that cater to your child's smile so every spot is covered. This means faster brushing time, with bristles that are powerful yet safe, effectively removing harmful bacteria - all accompanied with an adorable jungle animal friend! Got braces? No problem! Our brushes are compatible. Note: Red light has no other functionality other than to add some extra fun to your child's brushing experience!

Why Kids Love The AutoBrush® Electric Toothbrush

  • Helps remove plaque and reduce gingivitis
  • Cleans all surface areas of the teeth
  • Combines perfectly with our bubble gum flavored toothpaste 
  • Makes brushing fun
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