USB Party Lights Mini Disco Ball (50% Off Halloween Sale)

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A plug and play portable mini device that will instantly add life to every party! 🥳️✨

This amazing USB Party Lights Mini Disco Ball is great for parties, dances, weddings, or simply relaxing to your favorite music. The tiny light will illuminate the whole room and the lights will also change and follow the rhythm or beat of the music for a truly immersive experience. 

With its built-in beat sensor, the lights and music you playing will be in sync. 


  • Portable Design - Small and easy to carry around. Just simply plug it to any USB port and let it shines. 
  • 7 Vibrant Lights Modes - The multiple options of light modes and effects. A perfect item to enhance the atmosphere at a house party.
  • Built-In Beat Sensor - Will be automatically synchronized with the music you are playing. 
  • High Capacity - Works with any USB port and 2 types of phone adapter, allows you to connect with any power banks, phones, laptops. 


1x USB Party Lights Mini Disco Ball