Thickened Swimming Buoy Single PVC Airbag Swimming Lifebuoy Buoy Waterproof Inflatable Swimming Drifting Bag

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Product name: Inflatable life saving swim buoy

Buoyancy: Max 8KG

Material: 0.35MM thick PVC

Product size: about 48*29cm/19*11.4inch

Features: Equipped with large inflatable gas nozzle. The swim buoy is lightweight, and here is no sense of restraint or drag when swimming.



1. Fill in the air and check if the air bag is leaking. Make sure it doesn't leak before you use it.

2. Connect the air bag with the waistband with a short strap. Adjust the length of the belt and tie it at the waist.

3. Rinse the air bag after use, drain the gas and dry it for next use.


Packing list: 

1* Single airbag swimming package