Pet Dog Raincoat Reflective Waterproof Clothes High Neck Hooded Jumpsuit For Small Big Dogs Rain Cloak Golden Retriever Labrador

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If your dog is a male dog,you need to cut along the triangle part of the raincoat at belly part to allow the male dog to pee.After cutting,there is no need to worry that the cut will affect the shape and use of the clothes. The length of the back does not include the length of the collar. 1.Length:Measure the length of the pet's neck to the base of the tail When measuring, you need to let the pet stand straight and look straight ahead, and the body is fully deployed.Not bend over or probe. 2.Chest:Measuring where the pet's chest is protruding place: one circle around the chest from the back to measure by tape.pls note:Lower the hair and close to the skin.The looseness just can puts an index finger.then can to record data. 3.Neck:Measuring the circumference of the pet wearing collar position This position is the location of the neckline of the clothes.use tape measure the neck a circle,Looseness just can puts an index finger.then can to record data.