Newest NFC Magic Smart Ring

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As technology shrinks in size and increases in power, making smart wearable accessories that are worn on your fingers is becoming less of a challenge.

The Smart Ring, can run functions for your phone, share data via NFC, and do really cool things. Once paired, you can use the ring to lock APPs, run APPs, hide APPs, share your business card, internet links, send texts, and even share online files.


  • NFC mobile phone support: Mobile phone unlock

  • Health protection function

  • Waterproof, Dust-proof and  Fall-proof 

  • IC/ID/NFC chip simulation, can copy the card, but not the bus card, subway card, and bank card

  • Two-chip style enhances the signal, the phone is easier to identify

  • No need battery charging- it can rapidly acquire the electromagnetic wave energy of the read-write equipment and efficiently turn it into electricity.

  • Private Note - It can save all kind of private information to this smart ring, 

  • Through the NFC radio frequency communication technology and mobile phone connection to the mobile phone function to operate and share the data of fashionable wearable electronic products


  • Main Material: Titanium steel
  • Size:7-12 yards
  • Net Weight:6g

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