Neck Traction Device

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Since we are constantly on the go, it is not a surprise that most of us suffer from various cervical issues. Going to a physiotherapist may not be a feasible option each time which is why this neck traction device will come to your rescue. It is a heavy-duty, over the door neck traction device that treats different types and causes of neck pain, tension and tightness.

It is very easy to use as you simply have to keep your head on the harness which will be connected to the rope that is a part of a weighted pulley system. This pulley goes over the door that mildly pulls at your neck muscles. It straightens the neck curvature and holds that position for you. You can repeat this multiple times over, holding your neck still at a 90° position and effectively reducing stiffness from the entire area. 

Unlike other neck traction devices, you do not have to keep a water weight in order to give it a pull. It will not just alleviate tension but will also help in treating injuries, pinched nerves, cervical muscle spasms and stress or trauma to cervical and lumbar areas from performing daily tasks.

  • Provides Various Solutions: Not just soreness and stiffness, the neck traction device is equipped to increase blood circulation in the entire region which in turn increases your mobility. It can hasten the healing process for injuries, help align your spine when used consistently and improve your posture and flexibility. All of this will also reduce the headaches caused by cervical tension.
  • Ergonomic Design: This neck traction device has been intelligently created with a harness which has a universal ergonomic design that fits all heads so all you need to do is adjust the rope according to your height. Also, the dynamometer lets you track the power of the pulley when you keep your head on the harness. So you can now keep a track of the force with which your muscles are stretched and relaxed afterward.
  • Lightweight and Portable: The neck traction device can be easily assembled and detached when you have to store it properly. Since it is lightweight, you can easily carry it anywhere you want. Whether you are using it at the gym, home or outdoor, it will accompany you wherever you want.
  • Can Be Used at Home and By Professionals: Whether you have to use it at home or buy one for your clinic, this neck traction device is ideal for a physiotherapist to use for professional reasons. You can also get this for at-home treatments since it is easy and safe to use.
  • Premium Quality Material: The neck traction device brings together premium grade stainless steel and high-quality cloth. The dynamometer can measure and withstand an adult’s body weight which makes the device extremely durable.