Fish scale brush scraper


Fish Scaler Stainless Steel Clean Scales Remover Scraper | Fish Skin Scale Brush Scraping Remover Peeler Tool.

Descaling fish by scraping with a knife or other conventional tool can be difficult, messy and dangerous to your hands; scales flying all over the place causing you to spend a lot of time to clean afterward. And it can also damage the fish meat resulting in rather unappetizing cuts of fish.

This Fish Scales Easy Scraper will solve your problem. The Easy Scraper helps you conveniently scrape the fish scales without them flying around everywhere. Its unique design helps you to hold the scraper comfortably and easily get the job done. The scraper is made from materials which are easily washable while the handle is provided with hanging holes to make it easier to store.

What makes our scraper different from others? Others are made from cheap plastic. Ours is made of ABS material, very durable. This ABS is like the one used by the Lego company for kids toys. No harmful chemicals. Food-grade. Very tough material.

  • High-Quality Material: Made of food-grade ABS plastic. Very durable. 
  • Unique Design: Fish shape design and lovely appearance bring a lot of fun to home life; With the cover design, when the fish scales are scraped, the scales are not flying, and the operation is convenient
  • Easy to Use: Removing fish scales has never been this easy before. Comes with saw-tooth head, and with just a few stroking motions, the scales will flake off instantly
  • Easy to Clean: The washing is convenient, clean and sanitary, and the handle is provided with hanging holes, which can be hung and placed neatly
  • Save Time: The fish scales collecting case with lid design collects fish scales, so no fish scales flying, keeping your kitchen clean and saving your precious time

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