Finishing Touch Flawless Nu Razor



  • Bi-Directional, shaves up and down; pivoting head floats over curves
  • 18K gold-plated head is hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist approved – No nicks, cuts, or bumps
  • No soap, no water, no creams – shave anytime anywhere
  • An LED light so you never miss a hair
  • Comes with SensaGuard Cover for sensitive areas
  • Rechargeable, comes with USB Charging Cord – Helps conserve water, eco-friendly
Girl shaving her knee

No Nicks, Cuts, Bumps
or Irritation

Girl shaving her underarm

Gentle for
Sensitive Areas

Girl shaving her wrist

No Water, Soaps or
Creams Needed

Introducing Flawless® Nu Razor™

A revolutionary new technology for our best “Dry Shave” yet! Unlike traditional razors, the Nu Razor™ uses a patented new blade design boasting more than 200 hair-removing precision points.


Pivoting, Bi-Directional Head
Glides Over Contours!





For Less Sensitive Areas 



Great for New Shavers

No Nicks, Cuts, or Bumps*

Product is designed for girls 13+


Girl shaving her legs in her room


Satisfied Customer
“It is such a close shave, and it's not like anything I've ever used before”– Alex F.

Satisfied Customer
“I have never felt a smoother shave.”– Mercy C.

Satisfied Customer
“Flawless® Nu Razor™ is the closest shave I've gotten in my life!”– Ashley B.

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