Fanny Classic Bidet

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     The Fanny Classic Bidet delivers a stream of fresh clean water power blasting away every minuscule, bacteria infested, spec of feces that toilet paper (and even wet wipes) can leave behind. The Fanny Classic Bidet is the Sanitary Solution that will keep you feeling fresh for hours!

     ✔✔   If you've never used a bidet before, you don't know what you're missing. The closest feeling you can compare it to is to actually get a shower every time you poop. 


  • Reduces your plumbing problems and prevents clogs
  • No electricity or batteries required
  • No plumber needed
  • Nozzle Cleans itself
  • Easy controller allows you to adjust the angle for a spray tailored to your tookus
  • Prevents itchy rashes, irritation and infections, and relieves the bleed and burn of hemorrhoids

The Healthy Choice

Most toilet paper (and even wet wipes) can contain chemicals from the bleaching process that can irritate your keister. Unknowingly, when you wipe your anis tends to pucker up because it's sensitive. This can create little wrinkles around your sphincter that entrap tiny poop particles.


And as you relax and move around throughout the day, the tiny pieces of dung begin to spread around your butthole and bacteria and germs begin to thrive.


YES! They're having a big ass party in your butt...


Fanny Classic Bidet will bust up that party... It provides a relaxing rinse that thoroughly washes every nook and cranny of your fanny so enjoy hours of shower freshness.

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