Durable eyelash disposable miniature brush

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Eyelash Cotton swab micro brush


1,Color:Black,Blue,Light blue,Light purple,Pink,Deep green

2,100% Brand new and high quality

3,Micro brushes are used when applying remover or primer to the lashes 

4,The fine tip of the micro brush allows you to isolate a specific area when using the remover or primer without touching the other lashes 

5,Each micro brush tip is bendable to allow easy access to a particular area 

6,Eyelash Extension supplies for professional lash technicians 

7,Applicator to help aid in the application of eyelash extensions 

8,They are typically used for preparation of the lashes by applying primer or other cleanser to the client's own lashes before the application of eyelash extensions 

9,These micro brushes can also be used with adhesive remover to remove unwanted, damaged and old eyelash extensions 

10,Each applicator tip allows you to isolate a specific area without wasting product 

11,Disposable, clean and sanitary, prevent infection

12,Quantity: 100pcs